Teri was a tremendous asset to PBC Linear and our new venture 3DP Platform. Her professionalism, expertise, organizational leadership helped me develop into a business owner that can confidently lead, develop, train and coach an organization that meets and exceeds challenging business goals. Our new incubated company, 3DP Platform, is built on the foundations laid while Teri was a leader in my company. Define your organizational values, develop them, reward them, hire to them, coach to them and then let your people grow beyond your wildest expectations. She makes it fun yet holds you as a leader accountable. Your people will tell you what they think you want to hear. Teri has the moral courage to tell you what you need to hear!

I highly recommend Teri for helping you and your organization grow, but only if you are strong enough to hear the truth.

Robert Schroeder CEO, PBC Linear | 3DP Platform