Business Coaching is an excellent way to step back to work ON your business instead of just IN your business. If you are interested in having someone else at your side who cares as much about your success as you do AND has the training, experience, and contacts to turn your business from a “person dependent” shop to a “process focused” shop then Business Coaching is for you.

Hiring a business coach is like bringing on a seasoned executive to your staff with generalized experience to get profitable results faster while you get your life back.

Business coaching includes:

  • regular sessions to maintain the momentum and to drive accountability
  • strategic planning, goal setting and putting performance metrics in place to ensure your vision is realized
  • personal productivity assessments to ensure time spent is focused on executing profitable results
  • tools and techniques to measure programs and drive profitable sales
  • sales and marketing support
  • process definition and improvements
  • hiring support to bring in the “right” people and ensure their roles are clear and their impact is measurable
  • design and implementation of HR support systems such as job descriptions, training, performance improvement programs and programs to reward and retain top performers