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Thriving in Ambiguity

Posted by:terihill Posted On:24 Mar 2016

We live in an environment steeped in ambiguity. Change and uncertainty rule these days. From new trends in fashion, politics, and technology, to new navigation methods for anything from driving on the road to ordering laundry detergent, change has become

High Velocity Leadership: Slow Down to Speed Up

Posted by:terihill Posted On:14 Oct 2015

“Don’t just sit there; do something!” How many times have we heard that statement? We are driven to take action before we know what action to take. The popular view is that that if we are not doing something, we

“Shift Happens”…. or Not

Posted by:terihill Posted On:27 May 2015

Undeniably the world is shifting. The sands have always shifted. Technology incessantly shifts. “Shift Happens.” While relegated to bumper stickers, self-help campaigns, and culture change initiatives, the term “Shift Happens” is actually attributed to one of the central ideas in

Your Oscar Winning Performance

Posted by:terihill Posted On:24 Feb 2015

As the night passes on another year of Academy Awards and starlets parade across the red carpet reveling in the influence they have over others, I can’t help but think about the impact of leaders. In each acceptance speech, the

Generation Flux the Next Great Adventure for Leaders- 8 Key Traits- Do You Have What It Takes?

Posted by:terihill Posted On:29 Apr 2014

Generation Flux is not a demographic. It is a movement or trend that is characterized by two key things: an unprecedented, high velocity change creating massive ambiguity, and the characteristics of people who thrive best in this environment. I engage