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Blow the Lid Off Any Limitations

Posted by:terihill Posted On:11 Aug 2017

Change is a constant and the faster we can adjust the more successful we will be.  As an executive coach, I challenge people to face their assumptions head on and learn to think expansively.  It’s like taking off the blinders,

Retreats and Team Planning

Posted by:terihill Posted On:15 Jun 2016

People work best together when they know and trust  one another. There are many ways to conduct retreats and team planning but few that will produce the long term relational benefits as engaging a seasoned, talented, entertaining, and experienced facilitator.  

Annual Planning

Posted by:terihill Posted On:15 Jun 2016

Strategic Planning to Performance Execution This program combines best practices is strategic planning, clarity in operational execution, Key Performance Indicator (KPI- metrics) setting, actionable goal setting, human and capital resource planning, and accountability to sustained results. Our approach is agile

Engaging Employees

Posted by:terihill Posted On:15 Jun 2016

Culture Conversations Do you want to get the most out of your employee assets?   The changing demographics of the workforce can’t be denied.  We are more diverse than ever.  This includes an influx of millennials whose values, communication practices, and

Hire Slow. Save the Cost!

Posted by:terihill Posted On:15 Apr 2016

  “He blew up all over our jambalaya!” Exclaimed a client last week as we reflected on the luncheon meeting we did as part of the Hire Slow Protocol I utilize. This client had experienced a few mis-hires in the