Annual Planning

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Strategic Planning to Performance Execution

This program combines best practices is strategic planning, clarity in operational execution, Key Performance Indicator (KPI- metrics) setting, actionable goal setting, human and capital resource planning, and accountability to sustained results.

Our approach is agile to accommodate your current state and desired outcomes.  Leadership principles and methods of problem solving are integrated into this powerful program to help build the team responsible for your organization’s success to result in the development or renewal of mission, vision, values, 3-year strategic plan, current year strategic initiatives and tracking system and follow up process for top-line goals.

Ideally, programs consist of 20 hours of facilitation as well as pre-work to build business acumen and prime the group members for innovative thinking.   Prior to and during the process, participants collectively analyze present circumstance, organizational strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, relevant future trends, customer desires and organizational capability.  This program normally involves multiple mini-sessions and homework but can reasonable be completed in a retreat setting with CEO and top leadership.   An optional development of formal business plan for funding or acquisition is also offered.  Strategic Planning program outcomes include but are not limited to:

A Business Plan with measurable financial objectives, development or renewal of KPI’s- Key Performance Indicators/Metrics An Annual Strategic Plan with Clear Objectives, Project Owners and Actionable Goals A monthly review process to hone in and readjust scope, schedule and resources involved in the Strategic Planning Objectives
Forms to track the progress of your organization’s  Strategic Plan Development or renewal of vision, mission, and corporate values Crystal clear ownership and accountability to drive performance to goals and objectives