Engaging Employees

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Culture Conversations

Do you want to get the most out of your employee assets?   The changing demographics of the workforce can’t be denied.  We are more diverse than ever.  This includes an influx of millennials whose values, communication practices, and work habits may differ from past employee groups.

To fully engage and benefit from this shifting workforce it is crucial to engage much, much more in conversation.    But first, and this is big one! Check your own biases.

  • We all biases or call them preferences for how we act and expectations of how others will act. When someone else’s style doesn’t match your own they are not wrong; merely different.
  • It is more critical ever to Seek First to Understand and Then to Be Understood. We do this through conversation.
  • Leaders need to step up and motivate by telling stories about service, company values, goals, purpose and vision. Pull in examples of how your people are fulfilling the mission and working at goals.
  • Lead with questions that spark conversations not edicts or directives. “How can we best go about building our customer satisfaction?”  “What do we need to do better or different this month to enhance involvement of our shop works?”  “What do you look forward too when you come to work everyday?”

Team coaching and collaboration will build more commitment than trying to teach,  coach and mentor 1 on 1.